Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Mac Leopard issues

I have noticed a couple of things that don't work quite right in the Leopard operating system. I have posted questions about these things in a couple of mac forums and have not gotten particularly good responses. On other forums I saw some possible solutions, one of which I tried. What I have seen that others have too:

* Slow loading of certain websites in both Safari and Firefox. Certain pages intermittently load badly or not at all. One of the suggested solutions is to start the computer in safe mode, then turn it off and start again in normal mode. During the safe mode process some diagnostics are done and bad files fixed, so simply doing this can help. I did it and it seemed to help at first, but then some pages still did not want to load so I am not sure about that. Another solution is to create a different user and try loading pages while logged in as that user. I have not tried that option because the process of moving files over to the new user can get quite long and I don't want to fool around too much with the guts of this machine just yet. In one forum the blame was placed on firewalls, particularly Zone Alarm, which I do not have, and on other popup blockers. There might be something to this, that it is ad-related. I don't have any trouble loading my own home page, which has no ads. Worth further investigation.

* First key missing. When filling in forms sometimes the first key I press does not get written. In some of the forums writers postulate it might actually be a hardware problem. No answer yet, in any case. I am living with it.

Something else that happens occasionally is that programs don't open after I have "closed" them (I don't know what the term is for clicking the red button). I don't know if I have done something odd when I "close" them that makes them not open again, but when I quit the program entirely and start it again it opens normally. I haven't investigated this because I suspect it is a user error issue. I simply don't know all the things that I can do accidentally with this computer.
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