Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner


So far so good. I found a parking lot that is cheaper than the airport's economy lots and that offered a free shuttle to the airport (and back), so I parked and got here nice and early. The security line was short, maybe eight people ahead of me, and my gate was right there at the end of the security line. There isn't much to buy here but I brought along a wrap from Ralphs that I had gotten yesterday (we love fridges in motel rooms). I have been at the gate for about a half hour, way early.

I can't help but think what this place is going to look like in a few hours, continuing on for several days. I think I got lucky.

I also think Bush is focusing on the wrong issues as usual. Trying to make our wait times at airports shorter. That's critical, isn't it? Sheesh. And making it a requirement that airlines pay passengers at least $800 if they are involuntarily bumped. What the hell. Overbooking is a natural consequence of deregulation, Bushie. What an idiot.

ANyway, today is looking good so far. My leg hurts and I forgot to bring glucosamine and I went the wrong way to stop at a drug store on the way here so I guess I tough it out and find pain relievers instead. I wish I could enjoy flying, really like it, but being cramped in a seat for long periods really is not my favorite thing. But anyway!

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