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Today I drove down to Burbank with the boy. We first went to my motel to check in. Then went to the airport. I thought we'd get Joey's luggage checked in and then we'd have lunch there.

The flights were full, actually overbooked, for the next several hours. The people at the desk suggested I be prepared to wait a while, and suggested that we get on the waiting list for the next flight, which was at 3:30 - although Joey's luggage would be heading out at 4:30. So we did. And, glory of glories, Joey got on board! I think he was the last one they accepted and they seemed to be very nice to him. They asked me to wait about 20 minutes to be sure the plane didn't turn around. So I did. Although I felt overwhelmed a lot of the time that Joey was with me I truly missed him when I walked away from that terminal.

I figured I'd grab some wine and food and head back to the hotel. So my first stop was a liquor store. Got some Pinot Grigio. I wanted to turn onto Marigold, because I had noticed that that street is a rather nice downtowny area, and I thought I might find a good place to grab some food there. As I headed toward Marigold, though, I felt a need for a bathroom. I was getting rather desperate when I made it into the left-turn lane heading onto Marigold. And then I felt a slam. Some guy in a jeep-like vehicle had hit my car from the rear. Shit. We pulled into a parking lot, I gave him my contact info and got his. He was visiting from Georgia and borrowing the car and didn't have his insurance card. He was very apologetic. I wrote down info from his drivers license and his insurance company name while he called his father, then his sister, hoping to find someone near his car at home. Of course I was becoming more and more desperate for that bathroom and fearful that there would be a bad accident in that parking lot. Finally, when he was on his third or fourth call I said "I have to go," and got into my car. Presumably he will call with the info but if not I will probably find it with the info I have. And if not the damage isn't that horrible and I do have uninsured motorist coverage. So whatever. I needed that bathroom.

After some desperate looks into several food joints - no bathrooms! - I saw a Carl's Jr and headed there. I managed to get into the bathroom there but not without having some leakage...arrrgh...

After cleaning up I went to a grocery store, found soup and salad bar and pita chips and went back to the hotel. Good enough so far. Tomorrow Pensacola.


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Nov. 16th, 2007 02:48 pm (UTC)
Man, you have bad luck.
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