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Last night I watched Colour Me Kubrick, the fictionalized version of the real story of a man who posed as Kubrick some years ago, in London. He mainly did it to get people to buy things for him, to pay for his food and drinks and so on, but he took it further: he promised parts in pictures, he said he would set people up with Hollywood, he got people to quit their jobs and come running, only to find out that Kubrick had nothing for them.

Perhaps the most amazing thing is that so many people straight out fell for it. He looked nothing like Kubrick, knew little about Kubrick's work, so he wasn't much of a con man in that sense. Yet he managed the attitude people would expect, exhibited the intelligence, and said the right things. I think mostly he said good things about the other people, saying they were the "best" this or that and he could make them famous, and they didn't want to think they were being conned.

It's a British film, as you can guess from the "colour" and it stars John Malkovich, which in itself has got to make it worth watching. I doubt we'll soon see an American film with the types of sexual overtones you see here any time soon. There is just a ...difference. An American film would take us back one layer so we could laugh more, be a bit more distanced from it. Not that there are raunchy scenes. Just the conversations, the dress, the attitudes. The man who poses as Kubrick sometimes gets himself up in bizarre women's clothing and even goes out that way. He comes onto men in his living room. It's a little close, even though nothing like as close as, say, Queer as Folk.

Several songs were written for the film by Bryan Adams, including one called, amazingly enough, "I'm Not the Man You Think I am". I really like this song! I like it a lot!! Who knew I'd like Bryan Adams. Check it out:


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