Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

kitties eating

In one of her short stories, Amy Hempel mentions that she likes the sound of her dog eating, but that she does not like the sound of a person eating. I felt an immediate connection when I read that. I love the sound of my kitties crunching away at their food. And I too dislike the sound of a person crunching. This part goes way back. My mother had some sort of condition that made it so that her chewing was audible outside her mouth, much more so than a normal person's would be. I remember asking her about it once. I really hated hearing her crunch away. You could hear her across town.

I also know that if I watched my kitties rip into some other poor creature and crunch away at that meat, I wouldn't find it so pleasant.
Tags: books, cats

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