Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Animals from fire - and before - need help

California Fires

Escondido Humane Society Needs Your Help.

October 26, 2007 : 2:10 PM
This no-kill shelter about 30 minutes outside of San Diego, is currently overflowing with dogs as a result of the fires, and has run out of space to accept future animals.

This means that they will have to turn people away, and stop accepting future animals into their system, which could force them into very unfortunate circumstances, even life-threatening

PLEASE, If you can take action and help by spreading the word, fostering, adopting, as to clear up some space this will greatly allow them to continue their great work of saving animals.

Adoption Info: http://www.escondidohumanesociety.org/ehs_004.htm

Aside from fostering, adopting, the following assistance is needed:

1. Sorting out disaster-relief donations
*Seeking 2 strong people with good backs, preferably with a pick-up truck or hatchback to unload supplies and help sort in donated storage on-site.
2. Cleaning Kennel and Crates
3. Laundry
*Their dryer is broken and they could use volunteers to take their laundry to a nearby laundromat and/or take home.
4. Walking dogs
5. Grounds clean-up

Please call and speak to Kathy Warner
760-888-2210 direct line (Ask for Abigail)
760-888-2275 main line (should Kathy not be available)


Or to speak to a Best Friends representative, please email jkrause@bestfriends.org


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