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There is an article in the NYT today about a series of films by Andy Warhol, being shown in Brooklyn. I won't be in New York in time to see them. The announcement reminded me of my hippyish youth, when I saw an Andy Warhol film in an "underground" theater. With my sister Mary, as I recall. I believe the theater was in Pasadena, might have been Under the Ice House - or is that a club? I think so. My memory is going. I do remember going to a club there and trying to dance and not feeling particularly good at it.

I couldn't remember the name of the Warhol film. I hunted through the article, hoping for recognition, but none came. So I started hunting online and found it: Trash. It's about heroin addiction, and it is the most unlovely film on that subject I have ever seen. It really stuck with me a long time. If Warhol was interested in turning people off heroin, this was the way. Funny it didn't seem to work for his own crowd.

I almost bought a poster of the film. I'm still thinking about it.

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