Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

I get mail in my inbox from various nonprofits daily. Among them:

The Wilderness Society
Courage Campaign
Best Friends Animal Society (and Sanctuary)
The Humane Society of the United States
Peace Team
The ONE Campaign
Save Darfur
Amnesty International
Oxfam America
Co-op America

I will add more to this list as my mailbox fills during the next several days.

Perhaps by your causes ye shall be known. Certainly my list does express where my concerns are.

Sometimes the emails want my signature on a petition or a letter. Sometimes they want me to call my representatives. Most of the time they want money. I am sorry to say that most of the time I do not do anything. I can't do all they ask, even when it is a small thing, because there are so many of them. If I had a great deal of money to give away I suppose the list would be longer and I would be even more torn.

I need a way to sift through them and develop a system of priorities. Maybe if I just list them and decide I'll give to one a week or one a month and go down the list. I don't know how I will answer the call to write letters or sign petitions. For the most part, I am not impressed by petitions and I suspect members of congress aren't either. They are too easy for us. Letters I feel may do a bit more, so I will often write the letters (or sign what they've written, adding words of my own).

I feel drawn more to some than to others, feel my failure to help more. Darfur, for example, or ONE or Courage Campaign. I am more concerned about people whose names I do not know than about individual political campaigns. Yet I can easily be pulled into a story about lost open space or a threatened species.

Perhaps I will start with this post. Listing them. Then starting at the top and sending money or writing letters, going down the list, as I have time and money.
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