Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

More stuck music

I now have "I'd Really Like to See You Tonight" stuck in my head. I hear, "There's a cold wind blowing..." "...and I'd really like to see you tonight".

The song is by England Dan and John Ford Coley. I had to look that up. When I was looking it up to see if I had the title right I landed on a "misheard lyrics" page. I bet I have come up with a number of these myself. Let's see what others heard:

I'm not talkin' 'bout the linen. [actual lyrics: I'm not talkin' 'bout movin' in.]

I'm not talkin' bout aluminum.

I'm not talking 'bout a live in.

There's a warm win blowing the stars around. [note: I remembered a "cold wind" - actual lyrics: But there's a warm wind blowing, the stars are out.]

But as the cold winds blow and the sons of L.O.

I won't ask for common sense
So you don't have to ride. [actual lyrics: I won't ask for promises / So you don't have to lie.]

This one is particularly good:

I'm a shark in the Caribbean
And I'm down on a chase your life.

And so is this:

I'm not talkin' 'bout my linens
And I don't wanna change mine now.

There are so many things he's not talkin' 'bout:

I'm not talkin' 'bout Molybdinum.
 ......... Bolivia
.......... Milennium (I thought that was right)
and more.

But boy do I digress.

Thing is, why these songs? Vapid, annoying tunes. Do I have unresolved issues with them?  


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