Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner


Here, then, is Bogart, third of the four cats:

He has irresistable soft fur. He's adorable. But also evil. Never mind that when I was driving him from SLO to Las Vegas he howled continuously for the first four hours. He is still vocal, particularly at night, but nothing like that. What really sets him apart are his teeth. He can be so sweet but he gets a little moody from time to time and if one picks him up at the wrong time he bites. It isn't play-biting, like with most other cats. He's serious. He draws blood.

Fortunately, the biting episodes have lessened over time. I suspect they'll never go away completely. He has a long memory and he had a bad beginning. I'm just glad he's got a good thing now.

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