Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Yesterday morning I wrote about getting my laundry delivered. I mentioned that I consulted the Not For Tourists guide and was disappointed that there were no laundries listed, either in the book or on the website. I also wrote a quick comment on that website, mentioning this lack.

Yesterday afternoon I received this email:

Dear Judith,

We're sorry! We didn't mean to drive you off to Google Earth! (Yes, we read the blog entry! No one is safe... no one!)

Unfortunately, if you've taken a look at our NYC guidebook, you'll see that there is very limited space (and if you take a look at the recently released 2008 guide, very, very, very, very limited space). Though we've often considered it, and I believe our first iteration of the guidebook did include laundromats, we usually come to the conclusion that a person will not need to know where the closest place to drop off laundry islocated, because they'll have already figured that out within a couple of days of moving in. As to whether the laundromat two blocks over is better than the laundromat across the street... we believe that our readers will be able to figure that out themselves. That being said, we'll keep it in mind for '09.

Thanks for the feedback (and since you were nice about it, we won'treport the doggie doo incident to the appropriate authorities).

Sho Spaeth
Not For Tourists
Ph: 212-965-8650

Cool! Do we already love this guide?
Tags: laundry, new york

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