Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Illegal! Illegal!

On our afternoon walk I had to cross Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a major avenue that never slows down. As I started across the street, Floyd stopped partway into the street and decided to drop some poop. I pulled him away and across the street. I didn't want to be standing on Amsterdam, pulling out my blue bag and collecting the poop. It just seemed too dangerous. That was my first illegal act. Maximum fine $100, if caught. I kept walking, as fast as my cranky joints would let me, on up 83rd Street.

To the post office. The last time I visited I went to this post office and waited in line for a package, carrying Floyd. And I was attacked by one of the clerks who made it more than clear that I was not showing the post office sufficient respect by bringing a dog in the lobby when there are signs all over saying "no dogs in lobby". It was not a good experience. Today was my second trip into that lobby, again carrying Floyd, tempting fate. I slid him under my right arm and made my way quietly and quickly to the post office box. Pulled out the key, got the mail, got out. Success! Illegal act no. 2.

Is it New York? Does it encourage criminal activities?


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