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How lazy can you get?

On Tuesday I dropped off a couple of bags of laundry at the laundry just around the corner from here. I needed those clean clothes yesterday so I could get dressed this morning. So yesterday afternoon I hunted for the phone number to the laundry. So I could call them to deliver the laundry.

When I dropped off the clothes I had attached scraps of paper with the address on them. In the past I have dealt with people who do not speak English well and I thought it would be simpler to write it down. They did not give me a receipt for the laundry so I did not have anything with the phone number on it. I hunted around the apartment for a stray receipt or a note with the number on it but got zilch. I remembered that the laundry name was two letters.  I did not remember what letters. I figured I could find the place by doing a search.

You might be asking about now why didn't I just go around the corner and look at it or drop by? Because that would have taken WORK. I would have to walk down those two flights of steps and then walk the short distance to the laundry. I wanted to avoid that. I also wanted to avoid having to pick it all up and haul it up the stairs. Delivery is free and I wanted to take advantage of that. Hey, in NYC I love deliveries of just about everything.

I did a search of "laundries manhattan" and "laundry upper west side manhattan" and included the street name. The only sites that had a listing of laundries only included those down in the village. Who knows why? I guess because they rely on people to enter the info and village folks are more inclined? I went to ask.com because I remembered their ads on television. Maps and stuff. I got one of those lists, incomplete. I hunted through the Not for Tourists Guide to New York City and went online to their place too, but they don't list laundries! This is a guide for people who live here or plan to live here so it seems odd. Hardware, bagels, groceries, so much more they do list but no laundries.

Finally I had a bright idea. Google Earth. It didn't take long to find it there. And call. And get the laundry.

It would have been easier to walk down, take a look, and walk back up. But I couldn't do that! What do you think I am??


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