Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Sunday morning

Today I decided to head down Columbus to 72nd Street. Yesterday afternoon I walked down Amsterdam to 72nd and browsed 72nd. I like this street. Actually, I had a goal then: I wanted to get my picture, with Floyd, taken in the photo booth at Ricky's on 72nd. I found Ricky's but did not find the photo booth and didn't want to ask for some reason. It's a big place with a lot of wigs and odds and ends and I felt like people were watching me and Floyd. Silly paranoia, I know, but there it is. Still, I liked the street so I figured I'd walk down to it again, only today I'd use Columbus to get there.

It's Sunday so it's Brunch day and this is the Brunch District, Elaine tells me. I was early, though, so many of these places had not yet opened. This one looked like it was ready to receive but nobody had yet shown up:

I passed the installation of a new bus shelter. These shelters are pretty snazzy looking.

I had checked a NYC guidebook before I left, hoping to find something I could get to within my walking range. I didn't see anything I wanted to visit. Columbus, though, offers a flea market that is not in the guidebook:

I was so ready to go in and look around. BUT:

Still, I looked inside at what I couldn't get to.

Looks pretty good! I think I'd recommend it.

I glanced down 73rd Street at the Arte Cafe that's near the corner, and spotted the chandelier:

Next door to the Arte Cafe is a hipper place called Alice's Teapot.

There was a doggie water bowl just outside. I encouraged Floyd to have a lick but he wouldn't. It looked like a good place to drop a bookcrossing book, though, so that's what I did:

You can see the plastic book bag just above Floyd.

When I reached 72nd I cut across to Broadway. This time I was interested in finding something called the Broadway Steps, which is supposedly on 74th and Broadway. I walked back that way and did not find anything that seemed right for that name. I guess I will have to look up just what it is. I did pass many books for sale.

These books, of all ages, are there pretty much all the time. After I passed them I saw a van parked on the street. You can just see it in the pic. That van holds more books. Just in case there's a rush.

I thought maybe I'd see if there was an opening at Sarabeth's for lunch, but by the time I got there, not even eleven yet, there was a crowd waiting to be seated. Sunday is a bad day to choose to have brunch there. Although I have leftovers in the fridge, a veggie stew I made last night, I decided I wanted to order in. Missing that outdoor dining made me want something I did not have in the apartment. So I ordered in and now I wait.

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