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Saturday morning walk

We left the apartment at about 9:25 this morning. The air was cool, the light beautiful. It rained a little yesterday so the crud was gone from the air. It felt wonderful.

I decided to head north today. No pet parks in that direction but I figured Floyd would be fine with a bit of a walk. We walked straight up Amsterdam, taking in the smells of the bakeries and restaurants, delicious aromas. We passed playgrounds and some official buildings and a park I want to look at again another day. I decided we'd go up to 90th Street, turn right, turn right again on Columbus, and head back that way. Columbus is a bit of an upscale shopping zone, with lots of cool coffee places and restaurants and shops. It's fun to windowshop there.

On 90th, between Amsterdam and Columbus, we found the West Side Community Garden. Quite a nice surprise. My first inkling was a sign posted on the outside of the iron fence telling about the type of bees to be found there. No stingers. Not to worry. Intrigued, I found the opening and went in. What a lovely place. Lush, full of flowers and other plants, arbors, a circle where people can gather, benches, an inner gated area where, I gather, people maintain their own crops.

I think Floyd liked it as much as I did. But he started barking at something while we were there and I felt I had to remove him. It seems like the kind of place where barking just isn't allowed. Rather contemplative.

We enjoyed the trek back down Columbus, as I thought we would. It's easy to think all's right with the world when your main worries are about whether you'll get the right drink at Starbucks.  Oh, no, I didn't stop there. They would not be letting the Floydian in. And anyway, there were more interesting options that I also did not take advantage of. Perhaps another day.


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Sep. 2nd, 2007 02:27 pm (UTC)
He was probably barking at a squirrel or rat. Or maybe a homeless person.
Sep. 2nd, 2007 02:46 pm (UTC)
There might have been a squirrel or rat. No homeless persons, just that artist who didn't bother him when we came in (the woman in the pix).
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