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Here it is Friday night and my sleep pattern is all mixed up. I shouldn't be surprised, considering I tend to get off at home, too.

Last night I had trouble getting to sleep, just tossed and tossed, and finally dropped off. Woke after eight. I left the house with doggie at about ten to ten, not sure where we'd go. That's the fun part: there are so many possibilities.

I headed in the opposite direction from yesterday. First, to the Theodore Roosevelt dog run, which is next to the Natural History Museum. Then, after Floyd bopped around in there a bit, meeting a dog or two, we headed further east toward Central Park. On our way past the Natural History Museum - modern side - I saw this little family heading into it:

I failed to capture what I liked about them - the way the woman's long skirt moved as she walked. It was quite beautiful.

After we crossed into Central Park I saw a line of people settled along a walkway. I didn't think it was random:

A woman came out to speak to them, telling them the rules for the line. They were not to get anyone to hold their places. They must not move from the line or they would lose their place. When I heard these rules I realized they were lining up to get into some kind of performance. It was a line made up mostly of families, and it was calm and orderly, so I knew it wasn't a rock concert. I then passed this sign:

Shakespeare in the park. Free. Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night's Dream. I followed the path to the theater, not far, and saw the lists of plays going on, the box office not yet open. I told Elaine about the line later and she thought it had to be Shakespeare because although the plays are free you do have to wait in line to get in because there isn't enough room to accomodate all who want to go.

From there we wandered to the Belvedere Castle, which now hosts some kind of observatory. The steps up are carved from the rock:

I couldn't go in because Floyd wasn't welcome. But I could see the door:

From here, I managed to get a little lost, not very, and wandered a bit in wrong directions until I found someone who pointed out more-or-less the right direction for me and we found our way back. I had forgotten to bring treats for Floyd and he was ready to get home, drink some water, and crash on the floor.

That wasn't enough, of course. For our second walk of the day I went to my bank so I could get some cash. This meant trekking down Broadway a short way and observing a fire. A pizza place on the corner of 78th was on fire. This was the third or fourth time I have seen Broadway blocked off, both directions. I don't think, if I were a driver, I would trust that street.

The third walk was just around two blocks, checking out the books on Broadway (and noticing that there were no free ones lying in the phone booths nearby - last night I snagged one of these), noticing just how many people are on the streets at night. It really is extraordinary, especially when you think about the outdoor cafes. Totally full up, and these are no more than a few tables thrown on the sidewalk with temporary barricades blocking them from the rest of the dirty sidewalk. People are crammed against those barricades and having the time of their lives. So would I, though. There's no explaining it.

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