Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

going away again

This trip is going to be so different from the last. It already is. This is the first time I have packed for a trip while in my new home. There is enough room for me to breathe and less clutter so I can focus and enough space to lay out what I want to bring. So I am more relaxed than I usually am on the day of a trip.

I'm flying to Las Vegas this afternoon, arriving at about 7:40 tonight (no direct flights available; I think I fly through Phoenix). I leave early tomorrow morning for New York.

Paul is fine with maintaining the cats, including giving Bullet his meds twice a day and sifting the litter every day. I expect the house will show some signs of use when I get back but it shouldn't be that hard to get it back to where I have it now.

So far so good, in other words. I still have the rest of my second storage building to unload and bring in and put away or give away, but I feel I can do it and the house will still look good, not be too busy. That's the September activity, when I get back. Oh, yeah, I'm returning to Las Vegas from NY on the 7th and am figuring on flying to SLO on the 11th. Not only are those good numbers from a gambling point of view but the superstitious folks just might not be on many flights on Sept 11.

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