Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

small annoyance

The service guy for the mobile home company came a few days ago and fixed the things I complained about. The shower faucet, though, is not how I want it. My initial complaint was that it was not hot enough and the pressure was too low. He discovered some debris that was clogging it, which fixed the pressure and made it a bit hotter. But still not all the way hot. I asked him why it didn't go all the way to hot and he said it might be designed that way for safety. I asked him to check on that and get back to me.

I have gotten a little tired of it already, though. So I decided to find out for myself. I found a bad copy of a single-page handout on the plumbing fixtures, indicating that they are Delta SBS. I could find no other identification on the faucet or elsewhere. So I went online to the Delta Faucet site and tried to find that model. No such luck. I looked at the list of models and SBS was not there. Suspicious, I called Delta.

A real person came on almost immediately! That was shocking, of course. I told her what the model was and she said that the SBS models are made specifically for mobile homes. Once again I ask why? I thought we were done with that nonsense. But apparently not. I told her my question about the temperature and she said I would have to adjust the "rotational limit stop" and proceeded to tell  me the steps. I had to stop her because the steps were getting a little detailed and she said I should just go do it now, while she was on the phone to tell me what to do. It requires a 1/8" allen wrench to get in. No need to shut off the water. All of the furniture I have bought lately came with allen wrenches so I had several but none fit. None were labeled either, of course. I asked her if there were a document online that spells out the steps and she hesitated and then said I could look up model 1400 because it has a similar design.

After a bit of hunting I did find the instructions I need, complete with diagram, so I figure I can do this once I have the right size wrench.

Two things bother me:

The service guy didn't seem to know about this adjustment. Shouldn't he know? He works on nothing but these homes.
The model is made for mobile homes so I can't find the instructions,  price, or anything about it online. Why not? And why, given that plumbing is supposed to be the same as for a stick-built house, is it necessary to have a model for mobile homes only?

I won't dwell too long on it.

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