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Update on the cats

1. For a little while after Stretch was returned I had a funny question in the back of my mind: is this really Stretch? I think because several people saw another orange cat in the neighborhood that they were sure was Stretch - but wasn't - I thought about imposters. I looked at him and knew it was Stretch but still there was that little nagging doubt: yes, he looks right. But is he right? Lately he has taken to snuggling with me at night, in the crevices between my neck and shoulder. He also jumps into my lap when I am at the computer. This is Stretch action. All cats I have ever known have distinct personalities, and do things other cats do not. Stretch has now proven himself.

2. Bullet's thyroid levels are now too low, so he is on half the level of medication he was before. This is good news for me because that medication is expensive. I had noticed that he was more sluggish than ever and wondered if the meds were responsible. I asked the vet and she said yes, that could indeed contribute. So I expect to see him become a wee bit more active now.

3. Now that all three cats are indoor cats I am much more aware of them all the time. There is no way I could hide the fact that cats live here. Not because of the smell. I am maintaining the litter box well. But because they go into crazed chases and jumps and attacks that would wake the dead at times. I knew they would become more playful inside, without all of outdoors to entertain them, and so it has become. Of course Toonces has always been crazy. Elaine's idea of setting up a screen tent outside and bringing them out to play now and then does seem attractive.

Toonces asleep on top of the hutch



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