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my xm is back

After many weeks I have xm radio again.

After the burglary I called the help number at xm and was never able to get through to the place where they would de-activate the radio. I wrote a couple of emails,asking them to de-activate it, but they said they could not do it, that I had to call. For the life of me I cannot understand why I had to call, why they could not have asked someone to de-activate it. But that's me.  It's what I would have done in their place. But we get used to this lack of real service, don't we? In any case I did not call to de-activate that radio. I understand voice systems but there are few things that can be more frustrating when they do not work right.

My bro Chris came through with his old roady xt, sent it to me right after the burglary. But the plugs did not fit right. I had a roady 2 and for whatever reason this version didn't do it. I finally went to Best Buy and found another new one, similar, we hoped, to the one I had. The guy at Best Buy made his best guess based on the charts in his books and said yes, I could return it if it didn't fit. One of the plugs did fit but the other did not.

Yesterday I brought both radios to the Car Audio Center here in San Luis Obispo. They took a look, said the new one was the better bet, said they'd make it work for $25. Done. They did. Took a little rewiring to do it. But of course I still had to activate it.

I tried to activate it online but did not get the choice of replacing the old one so I had to call them and speak to a real person. Which I finally got. She de-activated the stolen one and activated the new and now all is well. The new one has a few features that are nicer than the old, so in the end I'm happy.


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