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My office continues to be the beast that will not be tamed. Or at least is giving me quite a run. Some of the boxes I  have opened contained a mishmash of materials that I threw in there literally years ago. At the time I assume the collection made sense. Or maybe not. One I went through yesterday and today held a sea of receipts, including some that I did take out to save (not many), plus an odd assortment of papers I had printed, mostly having to do with getting my computer to work right. I threw out most of these papers. I love it when I can throw things away.

In that pile of papers I also found the packet of medical records I had requested just before the clinic went under. I requested all of my medical history but did not get it. I doubt I will ever find out what happened to the rest of it, including records of a fairly long stretch of physical therapy for my knee. I did find a physical exam that was done in 2000 that notes the samples of migraine drugs I was given at the time. I think that was the time that I found a drug that did help to some extent, so I was hopeful. My recollection is that I was given samples of three drugs, one of which was no longer under copyright and so was cheaper. That cheaper drug worked well enough that I would be willing to get some again. Unfortunately, the record only shows two drugs, both of them still expensive (according to drugstore.com): Maxalt mlt and Amerge. Ridiculously expensive. It appears that the cheaper drug is still waiting to be found. In any case, I will put these records where I can get to them again the next time I see a doctor.

For many months I was packing things and fearing that I would never get it all together, that it was nearly impossible to get out of that old house. But I did it. I succeeded. It's all such a mystery to me still, though. I can't take it all in.


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