Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Moving the disorganized person

I hope that I have developed sufficient skills to get my new place in order and keep it that way. I do not know. One thing I do know is that putting everything away here is no piece of cake. Not actually fun at all.

Today I put together the bookshelf for my bedroom. I have not yet attached the doors for the bottom half. It looks like this will be a little more annoying. I knew the entire piece would be the most annoying of the batch, and it was and yet it wasn't that bad. I did make a mistake: I reversed the top shelf so that the raw particle board surface faces front. I figure rather than tear the thing apart and turn it around I will go to a hardware store and find some vinyl tape of some sort that can do the job. It's a big piece, the shelf, and I expected to develop a hernia just getting it upright but I didn't. I think this particle board is of a lower density than others I've dealt with in the past. So yay for progress of a sort!

The shelves minus doors


Making decisions of what to put where has been rather difficult for me. I have managed so far by telling myself that I can change my mind later. Otherwise I'd be paralyzed. What this made me think of, though, and not for the first time, is that when the "clean sweep" people go into a home and do the organizing and putting away are they doing the residents a favor? What do those places look like six months later? A year? I want to know. I feel that by making the decisions myself, even though it takes longer than hiring someone to do it, I stand a better chance of managing it all longer.

My office shelves as of yesterday. Surrounded by boxes. They have more stuff on them now...and there are fewer boxes.

edit: I started on the doors. I have reached an impasse on the hinges. They won't do what they're supposed to. I may actually call Ikea.
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