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neighbor two

I talked to Lyn, my neighbor to the right, for the first time today, since I got home. She was the one who kicked up a fuss about the shrubs along the property line adjoining hers. She wanted to clear them on my side as well as on hers but the contractor said she couldn't come onto my property for liability reasons. He said he would clear them. But ultimately he didn't. He did some cutting of major trunks and left the rest, in fact left a pile on my property. She then came in to trim the rest. She didn't like this contractor much.

She helped me light the pilot light on my water heater. I followed the instructions and she looked in the little window and saw the lit pilot - which I had not seen. I don't know what it is with me but I often cannot see things like this. So the water heater is working! I am excited. I folded some clean clothes and in a few minutes I will take my first shower. Using my travel stash of shampoo and soaps because I don't have the stuff from my former bathroom yet. In my morning forays I did make it to my storage buildings and grabbed a small pile of boxes and other stuff. I felt a little disheartened when I looked at all the STUFF in there but I think I can make it all work or go away.

Word is that Paul came on the scene a few days or so ago and drove into the driveway and sat there in his truck for a while. hmmm. Wonder what that means. Matt, the manager, said Paul came by and looked through the house when it was open, when it was still being worked on, too. I have sent him emails and I will try his phone, but the last time I tried it I got someone else's message. It may not be his number any more.

No word about Stretch.


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