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The mattresses for the two beds I ordered had not come in yesterday. They will be in in about a week. The futon and bed guy offered a loaner for the twin bed (Paul's bed), but he didn't have one for the queen bed (my bed).

So last night I slept on the futon couch. I chose a futon with an innerspring mattress so it's very firm, which I like. Makes a good bed. It's a little hard to put into couch mode, though. The guy, Thomas, said it takes some getting used to, folding up this type mattress, and he'll be happy to show me how to do it in his showroom and if I can't get onto it he'll trade it in, full credit, for another one that's easier to manage. I don't want to turn it in just yet but I do want to learn how to get it to sit right.

It makes a big difference to be able to sit down on something comfortable while writing. Yesterday I was using an outdoor chair that I lugged from room to room. I can put that out on the porch now.

I will try again to get the gas turned on today. I hope there isn't a hangup. And then I want to find some of those drawers that hang from closetmaid wire shelves, because that's going to be my dresser.

The one sad thing in all this is that my cat sitter could not find Stretch when I came to pick the cats up yesterday. She said she was very careful about not letting the cats out so she felt sure he was somewhere in her cluttered little apartment. Last night she emailed me to say she'd borrow a trap to see if she can get him that way. He's been living under her couch and in other hiding places. Stretch is fairly shy yet he was the one who showed up on my porch and asked to join my family. Poor baby. I don't want the other cats to hear me say this...he's my favorite. Maybe now that the crazed Toonces is not in the house with him he will come out. I sure hope so.

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