Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

OtRwC Day 33, Part 2: I'm in!

I am officially no longer on the road with cat, so this is the last post with that heading.

I called the sales guy at the mobile home sales office after I left the motel. I was sitting in my car in a parking lot with the back seat piled with pillows, towels, sheets. Mike contacted the lender and said to go ahead and move in. The key was in the water heater enclosure. I wish I had known that sooner, but now I do. So I went in.

I love my new place. I found things that were not done as specified, but nothing major. It's just irritating that nobody was really using a checklist to make sure everything was as ordered.

The kitchen looks larger than I anticipated, my bedroom looks nicely generous in size, there is room for stuff! There are cupboards in the bathrooms and a coat closet in the hall. There are cupboards in the utility room. There was also supposed to be a sink but that's gone - I'm just as glad. I like the extra counter space. It may actually be possible to live a life without as much clutter, if I can manage the papers better. And with a separate office this is very possible.

The gas is not turned on.Mike said the park has to turn it on so I went to the manager's place and did not find him. I want my gas! I want to wash dishes and clothes and take a shower in my new walk-in shower. I want to cook on my stove and in my oven! So I am still a little frustrated but I am so happy with it. It seems unreal.

Tags: new house, new house trip

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