Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Sad little cat

Bullet has stayed indoors since I captured him a few days ago. The day before yesterday I brought him to a groomer, who took off almost all of his fur, which was so matted that there was no other humane solution. Yesterday I bought this little sweater for him, because he seemed cold. I think he needs a pair of pants now, too...or maybe a longer sweater.

He seems so fragile now. He's probably sixteen or seventeen years old and is having some difficulty getting around. The sweater seems to make walking even more awkward for him. It may be too small, may be restricting his movements.

The good news is that he and the mad cat Temp are starting to find a way to be with each other. Temp didn't bother him last night, and when he finally came into my room at about four am he settled on my back rather than next to Bullet. When Temp tries to lick Bullet Bullet doesn't seem as bothered as he initially was. It looks like Temp is starting to understand the order of things, and that Bullet is number 1. But it will still take some time for them to adjust enough for me to feel good about them together.

I find it difficult to look at this frail little cat, a cat who used to be so strong, tough, and large. I am so glad he is inside, though.

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