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OtRwC Day 32, Part 2: Mamma Mia remembered

Last Saturday night Elaine, Mary and I went to see Mamma Mia at Mandalay Bay. Mamma Mia is a musical based on ABBA songs, and is currently playing all over the world.

The story is hokey: Sophie, a young woman, daughter of a single mom, living on a Greek island, is about to get married. She wants to find out who her father is before she is married and invites the three men who, according to her mom's diary (recently discovered), were intimate with her within days of each other. Her mother, Donna, hasn't seen any of the three for over 20 years and has not told any of them that they might have a daughter.

Sophie invites all three men to the wedding, pretending that the invitations come from Donna.

Will she find out who the real father is? Will a good time be had by all? Will there be unexpected twists?

I'd say yeah, more or less, to all. The songs are woven into the story, sometimes seamlessly, other times not quite. It didn't matter to me if the subject matter of the songs really jibed with the story line. It was just fun hearing the songs and watching the dancing. The choreography was a highlight for me, because it was so reckless, joyous, so much fun. The moves seemed bred of a delight with the music. I could almost feel how much fun it would be to dance and sing in this musical. In other words, it seemed to me that the performers were actually enjoying what they were doing.

I am not a fan of musicals and not a huge fan of ABBA, but I admit I have always enjoyed ABBA's songs because they just make me want to sing and dance! Unfortunately, I am not good at doing those things. Watching these folks, who are good at it, was the next best thing.


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