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OtRwC Day 32, Part 1: details

Yesterday I managed to take care of some details, including arranging to have the lock on my mail box replaced, and I went to see my new house.

I tend to be nervous about these types of "first times", when I am walking into a situation where everyone is looking. I really am uncomfortable in that limelight and wanted to get it over with. I pulled into the driveway, first noting how my new home looks larger and taller than those to either side. It really looks good. I was able to pull well into the driveway and probably could have gone in farther, which was great to see. Two small cars can fit in this driveway.

There is room on the right for a small herb garden, at the base of those steps, too.

The rear yard is larger now because the front is smaller:

Not that most people would describe this area as "large".

This side yard is smaller:

There is only room for a pathway and some climbing plants. The landscaper will install a wire "trellis" against that fence so the plants can climb up and screen the area.

I noticed that there are blinds in just about every window, which will save me some money and time. I could not get inside but did go up on the porch. It looks nice. I thought I had taken pictures there but I didn't. While I was standing there a neighbor drove by and stopped to talk about the house. She had some unkind things to say about the management company, with which I agreed, and about the way they are trying to get people to sell their homes directly to them (obviously so they can rent them out). I expect I will encounter that situation when I sell this home. Anyway, that's one neighbor out of the way. I still have to encounter the others. Usually these encounters are fine and I do not know why I am so uncomfortable when anticipating them.


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