Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Two more days...maybe...

I arrived in San Luis Obispo at about 2:00 this afternoon. My appointment with the escrow officer was at three. I went to the post office to claim my mail and to request a new key and lock, because my mail key was stolen in the car burglary in Las Vegas. The new lock will probably be installed by tomorrow - the guy will call when it's done. I went through the mail quickly, found a bill from the cable company, which service I had cancelled last month. So I went to the cable company to clear that up - no issue, it was sent before I closed the account and I don't owe anything. Then to the escrow officer.

I brought my packaged cat in with me. The other day I bought a cool looking bag that holds the cat and looks like just a slick bag that I might be carrying around. However, I told Shannon, the escrow officer, that there was a cat in there. She said "Bring him on into my office and I'll close the door so you can let him out." Which she did, after getting him a dish of water. Bullet prowled the office while I signed papers.

I asked when I could move in. She said not until the loan is funded. The papers have to go to Michigan and then they send the money here. She made some calls and sped it up as much as possible. It looks like it should be done by Friday. She had to fax the promissory note and then send the papers by UPS and we hope for the best. Which is why I am now at the Nautical Bean, free wi-fi, where I just made a reservation for two days at the motel 6 here in town. If you make a reservation online you can usually get a discount so that's what I did.

And I haven't even been to the house yet! I am going to stop by the motel, get my room, install the beastie, then I will go over there to see if I can get inside.
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