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No saddle, actually. I'm back in Mojave at my fave Motel 6. Fave mainly because it's cheap and conveniently located for this trip. Somehow it seems like one might well have a saddle in Mojave but actually I haven't seen any any of the times I have been here.

After my last stay here a few weeks ago I was looking forward to going online with peoplepc again, but so far I am unable to make that happen. There seems to be something off with the phone line that makes it so that when I dial 9 I can't get an outside line. I called the front desk a couple of times, tried everything she suggested, she tried a couple of my numbers from her phone and they worked, so someone came over to try my phone. She found it wasn't working right and said she'd find the maintenance guy. So I am waiting for him.

....a few minutes later...

The same front desk person returned, with a different phone. I had pointed out to her that the phone was not the problem because it would not work when I connected the line directly to my computer, but she tried it anyway. Then after I tried getting online again with my access numbers she suggested that the peoplepc numbers were down. I said no, try the Domino's number on the phone, which she did. Didn't work. So she believed me. She said, again, that she'd try to find the maintenance guy.

I wonder if a wireless router would actually involve less maintenance. I suspect it would.

...A little later...

The maintenance guy came and tried dialing and got an outside line. But I still didn't. But then finally I hit a number and it worked...I have no idea why it is working now when it wasn't before but I'm happy that it is.


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