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Judith Lautner

OtRwC Day 30, Part 1: a Knight's rest and beyond

Elaine and I stayed at the Knight's Inn near the airport in Las Vegas. We were there five nights. Rates are very reasonable, the room was clean, everything worked, we had a fridge and microwave. There is a little bar downstairs and an odd little kitchen where one can get reasonably-priced simple meals as well. In the lobby is a computer kiosk, which we used once to get email because there is no internet access in this motel. There is a swimming pool which is maintained and used.

The motel is large and it looks like the front building is the main one for transient lodgers, while the back one houses a number of people renting by the month. We were disturbed on the first two nights by people banging on our door. Neither of us wanted to open the door. Visions of people bursting in, robbing us or worse. The second night the banging went on a while and then moved down a couple of doors, where a loud argument developed. The argument continued for quite a while and both of us were having visions of guns at that point.

We decided after that night that if it happened again we would call the police. Elaine did call the front desk but all they said they could do was to call the nearby rooms and tell them to quiet down. That wasn't encouraging.

When Mary came by to visit on our last morning she pronounced the place a haven for drug dealers and prostitutes. Perhaps. Very possible. Nevertheless! It did serve us well at a good price and I may well use it again. There is a chance that some upgrading will be done by the next visit, though, and if so prices will rise. In which case I'll look elsewhere.

Elaine flew back to New York last night, without incident, or at least significant incident (I haven't heard anything yet except that she got home at what seemed a reasonable time). I stayed at Mary's place last night, which meant I went to swim class with Mary and Joey:

Joey's at the top of the pic.

Joey is second from left in this one.

and later helped Joey make this:

well, we put it together is what we did. Joey's pretty good at this, especially when he has a helper.

I also did some testing of Mary's laptop, which appears to be truly dead. Probably bad motherboard. I am taking the computer with me in case there is something I can do about it.

It is now time to pack up and leave. Tonight I will be in Mojave again, at the motel 6 there. Tomorrow I will ride into town and see my new house!!
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