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written 7/6?
We are staying at a motel near the airport in Las Vegas. The motel does not have a wireless network, but it does have a data port on the back of the phone. So I tried to connect to PeoplePC through dialup. No good. Busy. I tried again another time. Same problem. The phone instructions say to dial 9 first, so that's how I set it up. Doesn't work. I connected the phone line directly to my computer from the wall rather than going through the "data port" because I don't have an extra phone cord with me. This may be the problem, although I can't think why. If I can get a phone cable today I will try again, going through the phone.

Yesterday was our first full day here. We dilly-dallied, then went to a Panera Bread as noted in my previous post, and stayed there until about 2:30. The Panera Bread we went to is in The District, the shopping center in Green Valley that tries to be a little downtown (and which, I admit, I rather like). In that center is a doggie treat store where they make their own doggie treats fresh daily. So we went there next. Elaine picked out some goodies for the pup (who misses her!) and we headed for Joey's school.

It was such a hot day. We pulled up at the school about five minutes after the classes let out, but the gates were closed and there was no sign of Joey. But then he called Elaine's phone, said he was in the office. We picked him up. They had brought in any kids that didn't go immediately to cars, it appears, because of the heat. I don't know what temp it reached yesterday but I heard weather people later saying something about the record.

On our way to a movie theater Joey did his homework in the back seat. He said he only had two math papers so he played his version of "Are You Smarter than a Third Grader?" with us.

The film: Ratatoulle. Joey had already seen it but was up for seeing it again. Elaine and I enjoyed it enormously. It was a great change from the usual cartoon shows that rely on anthropomorphistic jokes. Well-drawn, set in Paris, with a lot of attention to detail so if you'd been there you'd recognize the places. Original story, funny and a wee bit bizarre.

From there, Borders Bookstore. We mostly sat in the cafe and put together a wooden Tyrannosaurus Rex that Elaine and I had found in that odd country store in Cedar City. We worked with Joey so that he found the pieces and attached them, one at a time, and grasped how it was done.


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Jul. 8th, 2007 08:35 pm (UTC)
hard to believe you went to las vegas and ended up at a dinosaur museum.
Jul. 10th, 2007 04:11 am (UTC)
Actually, we didn't. We bought a dinosaur kit and put it together. BUT! We have in fact gone to the "dinosaur museum" (aka natural history museum) here in Vegas several times in the past.
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