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OtRwC Day 24, Part 1: Cedar Breaks

Yesterday Elaine and I visited the Cedar Breaks National Monument, which is about 20 miles east of Cedar City, on Highway 14. We climbed to get there - the high point is over 10,000 feet above sea level. There is a small visitor center and a kiosk next to the parking lot. They aren't tough on making people pay the entrance fees, which are $4 per person. My National Parks Pass took care of it anyway. Near the visitor center is the trailhead for a couple of trails. One takes visitors to a point about a mile away, trekking up and down around the rim of the rock formation. The second takes off from there, adding another mile. You have to go back the way you came. We took the first trail, slowly. The high elevation made it cooler but also meant it was easier to get exhausted. And because I'm not in such hot shape anyway I stopped as often as I wanted. It was worth the work and I had few after-effects, just a little more stiffness than usual.

Cedar Breaks National Monument

I somehow over-exposed almost all of the pictures I took there. I'm not sure whether it was the bright white rock or the settings on my camera that did it.

This site makes a nice day trip from Cedar City, St. George, even Las Vegas. There is camping available, $14 per night, and there are condos up the hill a bit, at Brian Head ski resort, for those who might want to stay longer. We went to Brian Head to look at it and see if anything is available - in this off season there are bargains to be had there. From July 4 (today! ) through the 8th the ski lifts are available for rides up the mountain.


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