Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

OtRwC Day 23, Part 1: Sunday in Cedar City

Elaine and I were a little short on some socks and other minor items, so we figured we'd go shopping on Sunday. There are no activities at the Shakespeare Festival on Sundays, so we had the day free. We wanted to check out the Cedar City downtown a bit. So that's where we went.

We found one store open, a strange country store. Odds and ends of country-like stuff. It's a fair-size store, in an older space, so we poked around it for a while. No clothes, however. We walked around a bit more and stopped in at The Grind coffee shop for coffee. The Grind is a large coffee place with all the required elements: soft furniture, magazines, books, free wi-fi, and a computer. I took a look at the book shelf. Virtually all religious works, both fiction and non. We learned later that the Grind is host to special free performances by Shakespeare Festival actors and singers on Thursday nights at 11 pm. That sounds cool.

Just about everything else was closed. The streets were quiet. And speaking of streets: we drove around some of the neighborhoods and saw that they had unusually wide streets. I can't come up with any reason for wide streets, wider even than current standards usually require, in old neighborhoods. We thought maybe the streets were installed before uses were determined.

Outside the historic downtown there are some newer shopping areas, including one with a Wal-Mart. I could not go into that store, regardless of my needs. We did go to a Smith's Grocery and picked up some food for the duration.

Later I decided I wanted some wine. I had a suspicion, however, that it might be hard to find. I had seen a state liquor store up the street and remembered how some of these states regulate sales of liquor. Nevertheless, I went out to look. I drove to the state store first, and found it closed. I then went to Albertson's. No liquor of any kind. I remembered that the grocery store in Kanab sold wine so of course I became curious and looked up Utah liquor laws when I got back to the motel. The laws are a little complicated but the upshot is that it's hard to get liquor on a Sunday. Some cities have state liquor stores (in which case no other store can sell liquor, except low-alcohol beer) and others have "package licenses". I suspect the Kanab grocery had the package license because it's such a small town. I could have gone to a restaurant or airport or private club other place that serves liquor and some of these can sell packaged products. I wasn't really that desperate.

Right now, then, it's difficult to do much shopping in Cedar City on a Sunday. I suspect that as new chains move in this will change. If I lived here I would use Sundays for hiking or puttering around the garden or something like that. However, this focus on the religious would wear on me.
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