Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

OtRwC Day 18, Part 1: Zee Beeg Hole

Tuesday after our volunteer time Elaine and I hit the road for the Grand Canyon. Elaine has been to the south rim, in the winter. I have not, although I passed the road to it more than once when traveling across country as a young adult. So we were both excited to see the north rim, which is only about 75 miles from Kanab. Seventy-five easy miles, at that, much of it climbing gently through forest.

We had an easy trip in and to the park center. From there we took a short hike to a view point called Bright Angel Point. The walk is paved and about a half-mile total, as I recall, and draws many people. These pictures are all from this short hike. It wasn't the clearest day or the clearest time of day, and pollution has affected the views in general, but still.


I did not feel a need to do an exhaustive exploration, so our afternoon timing was good. We had coffee after and bought T-shirts and post cards. And got back in plenty of time to fix ourselves dinner.

It surprises me that the towns on the northerly side of the Grand Canyon do not do more commercially to exploit their locations, but I appreciate it.

Yesterday afternoon we did laundry at a Kanab laundromat - $1 wash, 50 cents dry, total $3 for all our clothes. I can't help but feel some pleasure from vacationing in an area that doesn't cost as much as it would at home.
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