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Last Saturday night, the night we arrived at Best Friends, Elaine and I went into Kanab to take in Spiderman 3 at the local theater in Kanab. This theater is an older one, fairly large in size. The aisles are spaced a generous distance apart: I learned from the Greyhouse groupies, who hold a special event in Kanab each year, that they took in a movie there in 2003 with their dogs at their feet!

There are three theaters in Kanab, it appears. One shows classic films. One offers live plays. The third is the Kanab Theater, where Spidey was showing. As I mentioned in another post, it is only open Wednesdays through Saturdays, and offers just one film at 8 pm each of those nights. No multiplex in the neighborhood.

The tickets were five bucks each. The popcorn and two large drinks cost a total of four bucks. So it's a cheap date!  I chose seats in the back row, in the middle, but when a couple sat in front of us and blocked much of my view (nice old theater but the floor is almost level so it's easy to block someone's view) we moved to the left side of the theater. This was a big mistake.

The doors on the right side were closed when the movie started but those on the left were not. The left side of the theater was like a Saturday afternoon matinee. Kids were up and down the entire time, running up and down the aisles, sitting on the floor behind us and on the steps at the doorway, chattering with each other. The light drifted in and encouraged this activity. I looked over to the rest of the theater and saw no such disruption there. From this I concluded that the left side is simply given over to the young'uns. There was no effort by any adult to slow any of the children down. Is this a Utah thing? Just a Kanab thing? It really made me curious.

As for the film itself, a brief review: Toby faces his bad self, does bad things, ultimately regrets it, draws conclusions which he offers to us:

"You always have a choice."

There are also some really strange villains in the piece. This isn't what i remember most about Spidey comics. What I remember were the personal conflicts, the agonies of being Spidey (not the adulation, which is a big part of this episode), the worries about school, the newspaper, Aunt May. That is what I liked about the comics. The film does some funny things with the Black Spiderman, but the bigger parts are about the incredibly destructive fights with the villains. I tire of endless destruction quickly. I don't think those kids were all that interested in it either.


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