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Homeless Day 12, Part 1: Shopping and the Cat

Elaine arrived by taxi after four in the morning this morning. Her flight had been delayed three hours, on the ground at JFK, then when she went looking for a taxi she had to wait in line because everyone wanted a taxi and nobody was expecting so many at that time of the morning. Unlucky to the last, she went with a driver who belongs in another line of work. He took a zigzag course, circling and taking wrong turns, finally arriving much later than he should have and charging at least 50% more than he should have. Elaine told him the right directions but he didn't listen, preferring instead to call a friend who steered him wrong.

I went to bed expecting her call and expecting to drive out to pick her up. I had the directions in my mind - it's actually quite a simple trip but takes about 20 minutes. I woke constantly the few times I actually got to sleep, so when she called at 3:05 and said she was here and could take a taxi I actually thought it would be faster if she did. More fool me.

We both decided to stay up. Mary was up soon after Elaine arrived, dressed to go to the gym, after which she had an appointment for a root canal. After which she thought we could get together a bit before she went to work at noon. It all didn't work out quite that way.

Mary came back from the gym a little early, having decided to use machines instead of class. We chatted a bit, she changed and went to her appointment. Elaine and I did some catching up on our laptops and then decided to go for breakfast. Then out to shops. Most of the shops weren't open yet so Elaine went into Old Navy, which was, while I visited the Bullet at Petsmart, in the same shopping center.

Bullet was very scared. I felt his little heart beating rapidly while I held him close to me. He felt heavier and the caretaker said he had finished all his breakfast and seemed to be eating well. She said he also loves his pill pockets, that he's a really sweet cat. She noted that his stools are a bit loose, and said it was probably from stress. I could well believe that. I held him for about 20 minutes while he looked around almost wildly, so out of place, so frightened. This is not a good thing to be doing to an 18-year-old cat.

After I gave him up again I went to Barnes & Noble to wait for Elaine. Picked up a gift for Joey, had an orange passion iced tea. Both of us were already starting to feel the lack of sleep but decided to plunge forward with our plans. First, off to Best Buy so Elaine could buy a replacement camera - hers went missing some time ago. I found a cool tripod thing that hitches onto anything so I can take pix of myself by hitching my camera to fences, poles, whatever. Important. Next stop groceries for our trip. We headed back toward Mary's area, where there is a Whole Foods Market. Filled up our interesting split-level basket. We might have overdone a little but it's all good.

Then to Mary's. We snacked a little, checked email, took naps. In the middle of my nap Elaine popped in and took some gruesome pix of me with her new camera. Let's hope those do not make it into her blog.

I am still sleepy. Elaine just took off to visit with friend Liz and Mary just walked in the door from her short workday. We'll pick out a comedy show to see later and that will be today.
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