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The trunk of my car was even more of a mess than it was when I drove here, because the thieves just dumped everything that they did not take. There was a layer of kitty litter and other odd small stuff all over the base of the trunk, and maps and books and everything else were just strewn all over that. In the back seat my two remaining plastic crates were stuffed with things that I had gathered from the floor, from where the thieves had thrown everything from the dash pocket and the map container. Then there was the open bag of kitty litter, an opened flat of canned cat food, more books, other stuff.

I took most of the stuff out of the trunk and went to a self-service car wash to use the vacuum. I managed to get the trunk vacuumed as well as the floor and seats inside the car, enough so I could go to the market and lay in a few provisions for Mary and Joey and of course me. Came back to Mary's place. I have been sorting through the crates: coffee maker, grinder, books, maps, dried beans, lime oil, oatmeal, cleaning stuff...I see no way to organize it that makes any real sense.

But I'm getting rid of trash, cleaning up, repacking, and I think in the end it won't be so bad. A little more like other people.

One thing I have worried about with my new house is if I can maintain it in a good fashion. After all these years of not doing such a great job in that department can I reform? I don't think it will be a walk in the park, and I do think I would do well to get a house cleaner in at least once a month. Enough to keep me somewhat even. Then maybe. Maybe.


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Jun. 21st, 2007 11:16 pm (UTC)
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