Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Homeless Day 10, Part 4? Window repair

I got a call at about four today. My car was already repaired! The guy said everything just fell into place and it was done in record time. They cleaned up all the glass, fixed the console, replaced the window and made sure it works.

I called Mary's friend Jim and asked for a ride to the car. Jim, who is ever generous, said of course. He picked up me with Joey and we went to the repair shop. The people there were so nice. Doing business with them is a pleasure. For the record: Atlas Body Shop on Tropicana in Las Vegas. When he dropped us off, Jim gave me two gift cards to Borders Books, totalling $50, and said maybe Joey and I would like to go get some books. Nice surprise!

Which we did! We went to the Borders on Stephanie and ran through the entire amount plus a few bucks. I got three books, Joey got a drawing kit plus a CD. I love having all these books ahead of me!! It does take the edge off the burglary, especially now that I have driven my repaired car and it's okay, it's okay. I still mourn the photographic equipment but I'll get through it.
Tags: las vegas, new house trip

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