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OtRwC Day 5, Part 2: Catching up

I didn't go look at my lot on Monday. I was embarrassed. Tuesday, though, I did go, and then Wednesday, and finally Thursday, the day I actually left town (aka Day 4). I wrote up the trip, from SLO to New Cuyama, and then erased the whole thing when I was saving these posts for later. So now I catch up.

It's hard to believe it was just yesterday!

I packed up slowly, got out of the motel, then went directly to what used to be my home. And found this:

The house was gone, as James has promised Wednesday night, when I saw him after the concert.The tree at the rear needs to be taken out, along with all the rest of the extraneous vegetation. While I was there I talked to Doug, James' roomie, and Matt, the park manager. Doug said he'd be happy to send me pictures by email of how the lot progresses. So if he does I will post them here. Matt said he would keep an eye on the contractor to make sure he gets everything done. So when I left I felt everything on that end was under control.

I stopped in Nipomo for food. I had not had anything and it was afternoon. I grabbed a weird lunch: a blended coffee drink and a frozen yogurt. It was too much of the same thing. It filled me up but not happily.

I found gas in Santa Maria, veering off my path to make sure I had a full tank. When I was done filling the tank I drove through the parking lot next door and saw this:

We see these altars on the side of the road, but this is the first I have seen in a parking lot. I wonder what happened. I know it happened to someone named Junior and that his friends are Catholic.  I wonder what this brick thing was originally, too.

From there I headed off on highway 166. I got stuck for construction for about 20 minutes or so, but I didn't really care. My car was doing its auto stop so it wasn't using gas and I was listening to a story on xm. Bullet interjected a comment now and then but he was okay overall.

Not far from New Cuyama I stopped to grab a pic of these mountains. I do not know what they are, really, how they were formed, but I really like them.

And then to The Buckhorn Inn! New Cuyama!

That night, after lounging and reading and going out to look at the town, I went to the restaurant for dinner. They were about to close - seven o'clock - but the woman said she'd get me something. I chose a fruit salad to go, for which she was grateful. It wasn't bad:

Everything was fresh, nothing canned.

I was unable to get an outside telephone line at that motel. Nobody knew how. So I couldnt' get online. The television only offered snowy pictures so I did not indulge in that. I read and read, finished a book and started another. I retired early but it was a long time before I slept. Still, I did sleep. Woke up early enough to get going while the air was still feeling fresh and today's adventures were just waiting.


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