Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

OtRwC Day 4, Part 1: leaving again

Today I get on the road again, truly. I have a reservation at the Buckhorn Inn in New Cuyama. This motel is a favorite of motorcycle riders, who like to use route 166 and like the down-home nature of the place. I suspect I didn't really need a reservation but I wanted to be sure and I wanted to know how much it would be.

Bullet has taken to sleeping on the bed now, rather than in the corner, and next to me when I'm there. It means he's more comfortable here now. So it's too bad I have to shake him up again. Good news on the Bullet front is that his blood tests indicate the thyroid meds are working so he can go down to two per day instead of three. Easier for me. And he doesn't have kidney damage that the overactive thyroid was covering up. His systems are doing well.

The concert went well last night. I hope that it sounded as good in the audience as it did from my place on the back riser. I felt paralyzed by the time it was over and about halfway through I asked myself why I had chosen to do yet another riser performance.  I did not have as much pain as I have had in the past, as soon, but there's no denying there was pain. I took two tylenol pm tablets when I got back to the motel and had a good sleep. With Bullet.

I have made coffee and am going to have some now. I have been getting going slowly.
Tags: cats, new house trip, travel

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