Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

OtRwC Day 2, part 2: mainlining

I am challenging my dialup connection. I'm uploading pictures to my picasaweb album, sending and downloading email, and writing this journal entry. I am a supreme multitasker, which is why I am so often frustrated.

I am not frustrated with this dialup connection. I didn't expect rocket speed. Neither did I expect the connection to be so stable, given the last time I used dialup in a motel. It is pleasingly well-connected. Yes, it has dropped off twice in two days, but only after I had ignored it for a while, wasn't using it. So the upshot is that I find the peoplepc commercials irritating but I like the service and the price. SO FAR.

Today I cleared out my car, except the trunk. I brought in the two crates of food that I'm taking with me, shoved other stuff into the trunk, then put the Bullet in his carrier and went to the carwash. Having the car clean raised my spirits. From the carwash I went to my former home, and this is how it looked:

The front

Driveway side

Opposite side: notice that the expanded unit has been shoved inside.

Closer view. Note that wonderful floor.

Front yard. Railroad posts pulled out.

I didn't talk to anyone there. Maybe tomorrow. I still feel funny about it, a little embarrassed, but I'm starting to feel excited.
Tags: cats, computer, house, new house trip, travel

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