Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

On the Road with Cat part 4: laundry!

My last effort of the day was to do the laundry that had accumulated in the last day or so. One other thing I like at Motel 6 is that they have washers and dryers. Excellent! They understand me. They understand so many of us.

When I brought my load to the laundry, though, both washers and both dryers were in use. I had to come back a few times more to get my load in, and then I had to wait to get a dryer. There is no change machine and I didn't have enough quarters so I had to go to the desk and get what they could give me, and then I managed to feed quarters into someone else's dryer!

But again, sunk costs. Over. I put quarters in my own machine and got it running and about 70 minutes later (these are not speed dryers) my load was done. Whew.

So much better than having to go to a laundromat, where I would probably have to either bring Bullet or leave him alone for hours.

I searched for Accor Hotels on BuyandHold.com, where I have an account, but it wasn't one of their choices. If it were I would invest.
Tags: cats, new house trip, travel

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