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On the Road with Cat part 3: the dinner

Bullet likes to sleep. Bullet does not enjoy going for rides in the car. So I figure I'll pick up food, leaving him in the motel room, where he is most comfortable. To shorten the trip tonight, I went to Margie's restaurant. Margie's is almost next door to the motel.

Margie's is also some kind of legend around these here parts. I don't usually go there because the food tends to be swimming in butter and there is so much on the plate that it's enough for six ordinary people. Maybe three like me.

But they do offer fresh fruit and vegetables, which is really unusual. So today I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich - with chilies and tomatoes inside. Instead of fries I went for fresh fruit, and I ordered a side of steamed veggies. I won't show you the sandwich because it wasn't anything unusual. But look at the fruit and veggies:

Now, I understand the concept of "sunk costs", as I have repeated, probably ad nauseum, in this journal. I understand that the purchase has been made and the only decision to be made now is whether I want to eat it all or not. If these were french fries I wouldn't have any trouble throwing them in the trash. But fresh fruit! And fresh veggies! It hurts to throw those out. They are beautiful. And delicious.

Yet my stomach, big as it is, can't do it all. I wish there were someone out there, right outside the door, nearby, I could give them to, who would eat them. But there isn't. So I figure I'll work them tonight as best I can and then the rest (sob) will have to go...


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