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I did the two errands I planned to do: brought my cable box to the cable company and had the service cut off, and sent a package through UPS. I stopped at a market-deli and grabbed a sandwich and snacks and headed for the motel. I hoped that my room would be done, cleaned, but it wasn't. I am finding it awkward to work this part out. I have the time to sleep all day if I want, almost, but I need to be gone or my cat needs to be in his carrier when the room is cleaned. I have considered telling them just to skip my room. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow. Is that what they call "European style"? Providing for a stay at the beginning and then leaving them alone? That's how Steve managed the Beat and Lautner motels and I loved that total solitude.

I put on my swim suit and took the kitty with me to the pool, after eating my lunch in my room. I discovered that my goggles are in storage so I knew I wouldn't do real swimming today but thought it would feel good to get in there. I was feeling grungy, yucky, even though I took a shower this morning.

The water was a bit cool. Not heated, obviously. Not freezing. Just a matter of getting used to the temperature. I did that gradually, by walking from the shallow to the deeper end, then I did a little swimming and floating. I felt freed of the pain. The water, of course, supported my body so my legs didn't need to carry my weight. From time to time I heard Bullet mewing. I had brought him with me and put the carrier under a table so it would be in the shade, in hopes that the housekeepers would get to my room while we were at the pool. I had helped that notion along by chatting with one of the housekeepers on my way to the pool, telling her my room is ready to be cleaned now.

And this time it was indeed. I showered and lay around naked for a while, watching television and munching sunchips. Bullet has a favorite spot already, and is curled up there, in a corner next to the bedside table. After a while I got dressed and did my arthritis exercises, and now I am feeling very sleepy. Maybe I needed just that sort of activity to bring me around to a good kind of sleepiness.

The lot clearing contractor has called me twice today. The first time he wasn't sure where the property edge is and if I wanted all of the shrubs on the right side taken out. He said my neighbor was contending that some bushes were hers when they appear to be on my property. I asked him to get Matt over there to tell him where the line is between the two. Later he called to ask if I wanted to keep the few tubs and things that are in the storage building. Yes, I said. He seems polite and decent to talk to, almost as if he isn't talking to the worst home owner in recent history. I am still not ready to go over there to check out what's happening. The photographer in me is fighting with the ashamed home owner.


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Jun. 12th, 2007 01:20 am (UTC)
Don't be ashamed. you can always lie and say you just bought the place and it came like that. They don't know... Besides, it's all empty, right? So it's just an old, empty house. Nothing to be ashamed of. And you're an older lady whose children can't be bothered to help her out... People understand.

I think you should go over and have a look. Have you called the woman watching your other cats to check up on them? I think you should call her every other day :)
Jun. 12th, 2007 01:52 am (UTC)
Can't lie to this contractor. He's been on board for several months, so he knows I was there, living there. And the house wasn't exactly empty. It not only has leftover furniture and cans of food in it, but also many spiderwebs and weird other things. Oddly, I saw no mice or any other creatures any wilder than spiders. Really none of that, so I guess maybe it isn't the bottom in that respect. I mean, coulda been roaches everywhere.

I will stay in touch with Michelle. You bet. And ask for pix when she can.

Bullet has slept all afternoon. It's good.

I'll go over there tomorrow morning to record what I find. The whole neighborhood can't possibly be waiting there, watching as things unfold, can it?
Jun. 12th, 2007 01:53 am (UTC)
Her name isn't Michelle. It's Melissa. Sheesh.
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