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Judith Lautner

One the Road: Day one

Today I officially start my On the Road tale. Actually On the Road with Cat.

Yesterday was awful. It started off well enough. I packed more, fielded some calls for things I was giving away at the last minute. I was due at the Cat-caretaker's house at ten, but when the time came to pack up the two cats Stretch went missing. Paul swore he had not let him out but of course I was suspicious. I thought maybe somehow that shrewd cat slid by him.So I brought over cat no. 1, now named Toonces, formerly called Temp and sometimes Fido and always Insane. I brought his carrier into the house along with food, cat litter, litter box.

About an hour later I was back home and saw Stretch sleeping on the bed. So he didn't get out. But where had he been? I had searched everywhere. I picked up the cat carrier and he went into major alert and took off again. This time, though, I followed him. He went behind the couch. When I pulled the couch out he wasn't there. I threw the cushions off and pushed the couch up on its end. I saw a bump in the underlining, sliding down. He had actually hidden inside the couch. I managed to get him out of there and into the cat carrier and to the caretaker's house. By the time I unloaded Stretch Toonces had already moved in. This cat is so strange. Everywhere is home to him. He was completely at home and in control.

I stopped by the storage place, hoping to rent another storage space. But they were all out. The students had been putting their stuff in storage for the summer. No space available in town, the man said. That frightened me a little. I had to think of some other way to store the rest of my stuff. As usual, I had underestimated what was left.

Paul had worked something out, though. He had asked the next-door neighbor if she would let him store his stuff on her lot and she had said yes, and apparently he had suggested that there might be a washer and dryer in it for her (or at least determined that she had an old pair). So I confirmed with her that she was open to our storing a pile of stuff in her place, actually in her storage building and on her deck, and she was very happy to have my washer and dryer.

The rest of the day I spent packing more and helping Paul unload the truck when it was full, into Lyn's storage area. Yes, she is right next door but it was easier to put everything into Paul's truck and then drive it into her driveway and unload there. A little like LA Story but not quite. I took a few breaks, lay down to refresh myself, but they didn't seem to do much good. I became stiff and limpy and my back hurt and my eyes hurt from lack of sleep and it seemed like there was always another bunch of stuff to get rid of one way or another. The pile on the couch never got smaller. But I did give away a table, computer desk, some lamps, some clothes, and other odds and ends. Not because I had to but because I hate to throw away stuff that is still good when there is someone who can use it.

The computer desk was taken by a guy with a car. When he saw the desk he thought he would not be able to get it apart and put it into his car but he finally worked out how to do that and started in dissassembling. While he did that he talked to me. I offered him the entertainment center when he noticed it, and this led to a question if Paul might follow him to Arroyo Grande with the desk, the entertainment center, and my bookshelves. He would pay $10 for gas, he said. I pulled Paul out and Paul said he'd do it for $20. The guy said $12 seemed fair. Paul said that would just make him even, just pay for gas, and the guy didn't seem to get his point. I told him that I didn't have to get rid of these things and I wasn't going to pay someone to take them. I think he still didnt' get it. Somehow he had it in his head that we owed him a favor? I've run into a lot of this with freecycle and craigslist, by the way. People who just don't get it. I'm doing them a favor. Sheesh. Fortunately, most do get it.

Packing is not a fun sport. I keep saying that the next time I move I will hire professionals but I never do. In this case it would have been horrifyingly expensive to hire someone. My house was such a mess. And I just have too much stuff still.

The later it got the more willing I was just to throw things away, valuable or not. I also got detached from things right quick. Just wanted them gone.

Paul wrangled the washer out in the afternoon, and later went at the dryer. He forgot it was gas so when he pulled it out the gas hose broke. Gas all over the house. By this time it was nine pm and I had nothing left. Energy and strength, that is. Still had STUFF. I packed up my remaining kitty and put him in the car. An explosion at about that time might have been welcome.  But Paul, in a rare burst of initiative, first determined that he could not find the gas shutoff and then took off running to the manager's house to get his help. He came back with Matt and Matt found the shutoff, so all was well. It was also a good time to confirm that Paul could still put his car in the storage place across the street, which he intended to do the following morning (today). I left, saying I would be back very early to finish packing what else I had.

I have a ground-floor room at a motel 6. I signed on with peoplepc yesterday, before I left the old house, so I could get online here in the motel. That's how I am writing this now. My final kitty, Bullet, and I slept here last night. Bullet had episodes of meows all night. I hope they didn't bother anyone nearby. Eventually he settled down in his usual spot on the bed, near me.

This morning I was indeed up early. I packed up the cat and went to my house. It didn't take me long to throw the rest of my stuff in the back of Paul's truck or in my car. My car was filled, with some of the things on the passenger seat. Whenever I made a turn they would sway toward me and I would push them back. I went from my house to my storage buildings, where I slid some odd stuff in between other things. Got rid of the stuff on the passenger seat. Then off to the vet for some blood drawing from the kitty. And then, my reward, breakfast at a restaurant and back to the motel. To sleep.

I have a couple of errands to run today. Or tomorrow...
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