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The day before

I've been just sitting quietly on the couch, looking around. Sometimes it's good to sit and think and look around, especially when I am feeling overwhelmed. I can see what there is to be done and I can consider how it will be done.

This afternoon I put some plants out on the sidewalk to my house, with a "free" sign on them. The ones in the better pots disappeared quickly, leaving behind the spider plants in the plain clay pots. Discrimination. So I put my older Canon printer out there. I have formed such an attachment to that printer, but it is having some issues, mainly with communication. I think it can be fixed because it is just that type. It's been reliable for a long time. But I have another printer and it's time to have just one.

I figure I will put different things out there tomorrow. Maybe the word will get around the park and people will happen by to see what's on offer. I can hope. Otherwise I can just leave everything there or shove it into my car and take it all to Goodwill.  I'm eyeing a stool and a lamp right now. And another lamp. I rather wish I'd hit upon this before. Actually I have done it before but I just forgot.

While sitting on the couch I have also been thinking of food. I have had three cashew butter and whole wheat bread sandwiches today. The cashew butter is really delish, and so is the bread, made in a local bread bakery. But I want something different. There are cans of stuff and there is rice. Nothing really speaks to me. I have thought of pizza.


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