Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner


I'm running into frustrating situations this afternoon. I am grateful that the rest of the day was okay.

First, I found out that at last I could send some money to a person I know in Albania. He's been working to adopt a teenage boy from Africa and has run into a shitload of problems. He's so close but has been spending money where he didn't think he would have to. (I mentioned him here before- Alex-Road to Freedom blog - Rod is not begging for money but it's clear he needs it). I went through emoneygram because I thought it would be a little less expensive than Western Union. To set it up, though, I had to enter info on my bank account and then wait a few days while they made two small deposits, which I would then look up on my bank website and enter into the moneygram application. Like Paypal. The first time I did it it didn't work. Maybe I missed a step. So last week I started over. Today the two deposits finally showed up.

I started to transfer the money, using the "economy" method, which saves a few bucks. Only to find that in California you can use this method only to send money within the US. So I opted for the same-day transfer. I finished all the requirements, including giving them a credit card as a backup souce, and sat back to wait for confirmation. Instead, I got an email saying "call moneygram".

So I did. And got put on hold forever. I just can't stand it. There was music in the background that constantly was breaking up, making the experience all that more memorable.

I'll try again later.

Then I tried to put together three documents into one pdf file. I have done this dozens of times. But now my Adobe Acrobat program tells me it no longer has something it needs, and it needs the CD to get it. Only I don't own that CD. I borrowed it. I normally do buy software. I am not a pirate type. But this one is so expensive and I had it available from elsewhere so I broke that rule. So I couldn't put the documents together. I will probably be able to use kinkos online to merge them somehow - I was figuring I'd have kinkos print them anyway, even though they are not the cheapest option. So I will probably get past that too.

Yet I have been feeling so frustrated. When I feel this way I could easily spiral into depression, except that I do know how to avoid it.

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