Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Dumpster Dreams

When I dragged some trash out to the dumpster this afternoon, I saw that the dumpster was almost empty. It will be emptied tomorrow so I felt I should take advantage. I raked and cut and filled and dumped and managed to load quite a bit of jungle into it. The side yard is looking pretty tidy right now, although there is still a fair amount of cutting and pulling and trimming and hauling to do. It's enough for now, for the side. But I really need to 1) get the rose branches into the dumpster, 2) get the stationary bike inside somewhere, along with wood and tools and odds and ends, 3) get rid of stuff outside that I don't need or want, and 4) trim the back yard and cover with mulch from across the street. That should be enough to make a real difference.

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