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The Omnivore's Dilemma tells the tale of four meals. I finished the first and am on my way to the second. The first meal is the result of industrial agriculture on a grand scale: a McDonald's meal eaten in a car. The author adds up the amount of industrial corn in this meal and concludes that it would fill the car and leave a trail of golden kernels behind it. The conversion of corn into almost everything we eat is a story by itself, well told in this volume.

The second meal begins on organic farms, venturing from a 'beyond organic', truly sustainable farm to the Big Organic farms that fill our grocery freezers. It takes a dip into an organic dairy, which is unfortunately indistinguishable from a non-organic dairy except in the food the cows eat. It asks the question, was something lost in the transition? I'll have a better answer - or not - when I have eaten this second meal.

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